The photo was taken by artist David Letterman

As soon as the big countries have copyright protection laws and actively boycott copyright infringement acts, in Vietnam, Facebooker Thai Van Duong has violated international law by copying , uploading other people’s artwork without the author’s consent. Specifically, on March 6, 2019, Thai Van Duong account posted a photo of Mr. David Letterman‎, a American, who took the idea, captured and posted it on May 20, 2018 before. The American Court has accepted the incident and verified that Mr. David Letterman‎ is the author – who has the copyright to the above photo and the copying behavior of Thai Van Duong account for violating intellectual property rights. According to media investigators, Thai Van Duong account has copied many famous works and been warned by Facebook many times but has not received proper penalties. This act of using illegal images of Thai Van Duong this time made Mr. David Letterman and the community of people respecting domestic and international laws very sad and pressing. Hope that Facebook can do justice by deleting Thai Van Duong account, as a thank you to those who respect the law, keep Facebook social network clean and and that would be a warning to those who intend to steal gray matter from others like Thai Van Duong did. Once again, we hoped Mr. David Letterman would claim fairness and Thai Van Duong account had to take all the responsibilities and strict penalties from Facebook for he illegal actions.